Wellbeing Continues to be a Key Theme in 2019: Creating Positive Culture in Times of Uncertainty

Long before it became a hot topic, Prescient was studying the theme of wellbeing and discourse around it, across sectors, from family care to finance. And this week we attended a seminar from TC Young LLP and Gravitate HR, which provided a valuable update on employment law and potential changes that would come into effect if/when the UK leaves the European Union.  We believe there are some clear links between the world of legislation and emotional well-being.

One of our key take outs from the seminar was the importance of ensuring employees feel valued within an organisation and creating a culture of mutual support and recognition.  This is not just about establishing a supportive network between employers and employees, but also about nurturing a positive atmosphere between colleagues that transcends the physical environment of the workplace.

A ‘trickle effect’ stems from political and economic uncertainty.  An end to freedom of movement, potential need to apply for settled status and Visas add to uncertainties of EU citizens, friends and colleagues.  And in extreme cases there can even be discrimination levelled at people from particular nations, that can cause tension within communities on and offline and even spill into the workplace. 

Good practice for business and leaders everywhere is to remind everyone of positive working practices and instill an ethos that nurtures respect; support and that celebrates the benefits of learning from each other and teamwork. 

Arguably these things have always been important, but our view is that business is well placed to take the lead in wellbeing of staff - helping people feel secure and valued at work will help to build resilience while whole nations navigate difficult political times. 

Good practice within a business can trickle outwards to positively affect communities too.  Small gestures of support have wide reaching effects, well beyond just increasing productivity of staff.

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