We’re experts at creating the perfect environment for great conversations, amongst exactly the right people.

In a rapidly changing communications landscape, we deliver actionable insights for clients seeking differentiation and growth, by keeping human needs and behaviour central to our approach. And we love what we do.

Meaningful conversations are at the heart of our business

  • Our left brain drives our thinking: Prescient’s strategic vision drives purposeful conversations, across channels, sectors and borders.
  • Our right brain guides our empathy and approach: Prescient’s commitment to people fosters authentic, meaningful connections that get to the root of any pain point.

Brand orientated, people centred research consultancy

We are a brand-orientated, people centred consultancy that knows how best to use research to inform client growth.
Since inception 20 years ago we’ve established thousands of conversations with business people, hard to reach audiences, customers and prospects, across multiple sectors and markets.

There is no conversation we shy away from – and all channels of contact are open, with new media well integrated into our approach, alongside trusted face to face methods.

We were social listeners well before the digital age.

Why Prescient

Our skill lies in harnessing real, actionable insights from what people say, how they say it, what they don’t say and what they say when they’ve forgotten we’re listening.

People’s views evolve with time and context. Their values change much more slowly. Being able to discern the difference is essential to brands in an increasingly dynamic world.

Enabling conversations between people can be the best way to understand what’s changing, how and why. And crucially what that means for your business.

We practice what we preach. Our team based approach and experienced multi-disciplined researchers means clients benefit from excellent strategy and open lines of communication at all stages of a project.

We constantly look ahead and believe in the principle of positive change.

Our brand and are people are truly Prescient.

Meet the Team

Andrew Sawkins

Managing Director
07767 342397

Planner and cultural story-teller. Boundless energy. Transcends all geographic and cultural boundaries. Discerning dresser and secret barista.

Focused, Honest, World Traveller, Brand Expert, Planner, Globalista

Beth Cameron

07545 101151

Curious and intuitive strategist, with a practical streak. Passionate about people, culture and language. Captures eavesdropped conversations and befriends strangers (in the name of research).

Bright, Breezy, Team Player, Insightful, Imaginative, Intuitive

Mike Roderick

Research Director
07736 896100

Team playing, relationship builder, with significant financial experience and know how. Organised and understanding, never losing sight of key objectives. A true sportsman.

Perceptive , Strategist, Diligent , Supportive, Focussed, Friendly.

Helen Sawkins

Executive Assistant
020 7758 3936

Our guardian angel. Warm, kind, professional and rigourous. Brings restorative calm to a world where change is constant and fast paced. Stylish elegance personified.

Angel, Caring, Thorough, Efficient, Approachable, Friendly.

Bryan Wilsher

020 7758 3936

Financial whizz and brains behind the business. Astute and dynamic, visionary thinker. Infectiously engaging and always supportive. One of life’s warm connectors.

Productive, Discerning, Savvy, Astute, Playful, Brains Behind the Business.

Jacqui Box

Head of Accounts
020 7758 3936

Thorough and methodical, with eye for detail. Calm and professional, warm and helpful. Quiet sophistication and very snappy dresser, who knows the offside rule.

Efficient, Loyal, Thorough, Detailed, Systematic, Tolerant, Methodical.