Prescient Sprint

Putting the customer at the heart of your innovation programme.

We can use the techniques both as part of an end-to-end fast track innovation process or as individual studies feeding into existing client systems.

Prescient Sprint Approach

1. Understanding Consumer needs

Using Blue Sky thinking, we will uncover unmet needs, and thereby commercial opportunities, by generating deep understanding of consumer experience across a spectrum of contexts and touchpoints.

2. Idea Collation

Extracting insights from the consumer phase to feed into an idea generation process, combining internal client expertise with research driven consumer insight to map ideas for future development.

3. Evolution Workshop

Taking mapped ideas from the previous stage and evolving them into new product and service propositions for testing at a later stage.

4. Proposition Refinement

Evaluating new ideas that have been developed; qualitative research with consumers and industry specialists to refine offers.

5. Product Testing & Optimisation

Testing new ideas quantitatively to assess interest and appeal to target audiences. Optimising product features using trade off techniques.

6. Forecasting & Market Planning

Forecasting and planning take up of new product ideas across a range of markets.

Put your customers at the heart of your innovation process!

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