We run stand-alone Qualitative and Quantitative projects, providing actionable insight for your business.

The key to a strong brand is an informed business. When you have your ear to the ground, are speaking to consumers, and understand sentiment, you can adapt your brand accordingly and win loyalty.

Prescient offer practical solutions and methodologies to gain insight, thereby informing your business and strengthening your brand.

The Process

The Eureka Moment

Identifying unmet needs of consumers, through ethnography and consumer connections, face to face and online

Fly on a Wall

Use of new media and technology capture visual and video footage illustrating the highs and lows in customer journeys.

Up to date tools for an increasingly dynamic world.

Nosy Neighbour

Sector and competitor audits, through scoping and experiential research.

World of Wow

Innovation workshops to develop new product ideas and line extensions

Strike a Chord

Positioning development; working closely with creative agencies and client teams to define territories and identify most compelling concepts and final executions for end users.

Track and Field

Brand tracking, using variety of quantitative and qualitative based methods to measure campaigns and brand equity over short and long distances

Corporate Edge

Robust, business to business interactions that go beyond depths, to include dinners and seminar based connections. Facilitated events for Trustees, CEOs, CFOs and Wealth Managers in major cities all over the world.

Happy Ambassador

From pre launch, to launch, acquisition and retention, exploring customer and prospects' relationships with your brand and propensity to try, buy, commit and refer.

The research is designed to create the conditions for loyalty.

Be Good

Charity and not for profit sector programmes, through online connections, paired depths, depths and groups.

Intelligent Analysis

Our team transpose what we learn and what we draw from our internal audience research into practical actions and emotional motivators that our client teams can easily adopt.


Our window on the world and our ability to tap into local knowledge and insight across the globe, spotting global trends and identifying emerging influences.

Our Clients