Just Like Us

Prescient has been working with Just Like us, a charity set-up to support LGBT+ young people to ensure they hear powerful positive messages about being LGBT+ from other LGBT+ young people.
As part of Schools Diversity Week 2019, Prescient was commissioned to undertakea nationwide survey among 1,000 16-18 year olds, to explore levels of happiness and well-being, challenges experienced and sources of support.
Our research found that LGBT+ young people are significantly more likely than their straight peers to have first-hand experience of depression or anxiety, discriminationor bullying.

Commenting on the research, Just Like Us Chief Executive Tim Ramsey said,

‘If LGBT+ young people in the UK grow up with poor mental health, face discrimination and bullying, there’s no way they’ll be able to be themselves and achieve their best.  We want a world where LGBT+ young people don’t face these challenges and where being LGBT+ is just as boring as being straight and cisgender.’

For more information about School Diversity Week or the issues faced by young LGBT+ people, please visit justlikeus.org or contact us at prescientuk.com