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A Happy Politics-free Christmas

Around the time agencies across the UK were signing off pitches for all their festive campaigns, the population of this island signed off on Europe. How Christmas may have looked for us all had it gone the other way is a question 48.1% might be thinking.

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The Pizza Index

There are many simple pleasures in life but my personal favourite is… pizza.

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Reality or RealiTV?

Our guest blogger looks at the phenomenon of Reality TV

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Cute or Scary?

I have often felt that Halloween is the holiday that is rather overlooked. Summer is well and truly over, Christmas is eight weeks away; Halloween can tend to slip through the cracks.

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Culture shock at home

After a year abroad, our guest blogger shares her thoughts about returning home.

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‘Act-thletes’: Fantasy and Reality in WWE

Why do people invest so much time and money into things that aren't real? How do companies sustain themselves on products with little to no practical use? Here, journalist and lifelong WWE fan Rohan Banerjee explores the blurred lines between fantasy and reality when it comes to professional wrestling...

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Serbia's EXIT Festival

In the year 2000, in Serbia, a country ravaged by war, a group of students came up with an idea that would unite all and bring peace and harmony to the broken nation – a creative initiative in the form of the EXIT festival.

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