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Serbia's EXIT Festival

In the year 2000, in Serbia, a country ravaged by war, a group of students came up with an idea that would unite all and bring peace and harmony to the broken nation – a creative initiative in the form of the EXIT festival.

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The Psychoanalytical capital of the world

Buenos Aires is the psychoanalytical capital of the world with twice the number of therapists per head than New York.

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Sao Paulo Food Parks

In a concrete jungle with over 10 million inhabitants, the paulistas (inhabitants of the city of São Paulo, in Brazil) have found a new way to disconnect from their busy routines and unwind… at least during lunchtime.

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Geneva’s Unlikely Social Hotspot

Nestled on the shores of picturesque Lac Leman, overlooking the Alps and the majestic Mont Blanc, lies Les Bains de Paquis, Geneva’s new après-work and weekend social hotspot. First opened 150 years ago with the sole aim of providing Genevois people with a place to enjoy the sun and indulge in a bit of swimming in the summer, the pier has now become Geneva’s most happening and talked about social destination.

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