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Trends in charitable giving

Our guest blogger looks at the recent trends and studies in charitable giving.
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Anyone for Tennis?

Cultural researchers don’t just ask questions.  We also actively listen, observe and be nimble on our feet to nurture fledging conversations and quickly build rapport.
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Promoting 'Brand Me' in the Creative Arts

Our Actor guest blogger looks at promoting you as a product and maximising the potential of Brand Me.
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Cuba's wait for Wi-Fi

Cuba is in the midst of a social, political and cultural evolution. Our guest blogger looks at the recent introduction of the internet and Wi-Fi
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Introducing Rimal Patel, our new Quantitative specialist.

Introducing the newest member of the Prescient team, Rimal Patel
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Branding in Asset Management

Financial Services, and in particular Asset Management, has had to look very closely in recent years at how its brands are conveyed and perceived. Prescient offers practical ways to inform your business & strengthen your brand.
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A new Generation of High Net Worth Individuals: What you need to know

A new generation is becoming more prominent in the HNWI space and it appears many wealth managers do not yet know how to attract this group of clients.
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