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Flying Solo

A first hand account of what it's like to be a teenage pilot!

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Home Sweet Home: The New Customer Journey

A Quick Guide to Shared Ownership and Shared Equity:

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Wellbeing Continues to be a Key Theme in 2019: Creating Positive Culture in Times of Uncertainty

Beth Cameron expounds on the importance of wellbeing and the discourse surrounding it after her time at the TC Young LLP and Gravitate HR conference.

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Smells Bad! Looks Bad! Tastes Great!

In 2013, UNESCO designated kimchi and kimjang, an ‘intangible cultural heritage of humanity.' The reason is simple. Kimjang and kimchi are a celebration of tradition and identity.

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Institute of Fundraising’s Annual Insights Conference

In November, Prescient gave a joint presentation with charity CLIC Sargent to the annual Institute of Fundraising’s Insight conference in London

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Can Starbucks conquer Italy?

47 years after Starbucks first opened its doors to the world, the brand has unveiled its first ever store in the homeland of coffee: Italy

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