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Social media is a double-edged sword

Our guest blogger looks at social media platforms and, in the light of recent events, asks 'is social media a double-edged sword?'

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GDPR:‘God Damn Pain in the Rear’ or Reason to be Cheerful?

Prescient's Kate Glencross provides her top 5 reasons to feel positive about GDPR

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Mind your manners: The Age of Entitlement

Our devotion to our phones has become a modern day lifeline. However, the etiquette surrounding the smartphone hasn’t caught on.

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The modern “shetopia”: women-only work spaces

Our blogger looks at the need to have women-only spaces where individuals can draw on each other as a resource.

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Vitra innovates design through textile and colour

Vitra's goal is to create interiors, furniture and accessories that are functional and inspiring.

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“Lagom” the new Scandinavian lifestyle philosophy to live by

While hygge had its moment, the new fad is the Swedish import of "lagom”

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Psychology of colour in branding

Colour has been a primitive form of communication, it can trigger associations, allude to cultural norms and provoke feelings. Studies show it only takes 90 seconds for people to form an opinion about a brand and within this time, colour influences between 62-90% of attitudes.

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