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The Evolution of Design in California

Our blogger visited the Design Museum's 'Designing Freedom', and discovered California 'the design hub'.

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Anyone for Tennis?

Cultural researchers don’t just ask questions.  We also actively listen, observe and be nimble on our feet to nurture fledging conversations and quickly build rapport.

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Cuba's wait for Wi-Fi

Our guest blogger looks at the recent introduction of the internet and Wi-Fi

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The Christmas tradition of Caga Tió

Our guest blogger looks at the Christmas tradition of Caga Tió

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Serbia's EXIT Festival

In the year 2000, in Serbia, a country ravaged by war, a group of students came up with an idea that would unite all and bring peace and harmony to the broken nation – a creative initiative in the form of the EXIT festival.

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The Psychoanalytical capital of the world

Buenos Aires is the psychoanalytical capital of the world with twice the number of therapists per head than New York.

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Japan's Face Masks

Our guest blogger from Japan looks at the face mask trend

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