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Psychology of colour in branding

Colour has been a primitive form of communication, it can trigger associations, allude to cultural norms and provoke feelings. Studies show it only takes 90 seconds for people to form an opinion about a brand and within this time, colour influences between 62-90% of attitudes.

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The Andy Warhol of our time

Contemporary Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has created more than just a few images and notable sculptures in his career – he has created a brand.

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An American in Sweden

Our American blogger lives in London and after living in the UK for a few years, identifies herself as an “other”- definitely not British but not extremely American in her mannerisms, a chameleon perhaps…her partner (from Sweden) disagrees...

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The evolution of design in California

Our blogger visited the Design Museum's 'Designing Freedom', and discovered California 'the design hub'.

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Trends in charitable giving

Our guest blogger looks at the recent trends and studies in charitable giving.

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Anyone for Tennis?

Cultural researchers don’t just ask questions.  We also actively listen, observe and be nimble on our feet to nurture fledging conversations and quickly build rapport.

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Promoting 'Brand Me' in the Creative Arts

Our Actor guest blogger looks at promoting you as a product and maximising the potential of Brand Me.

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