Serbia's EXIT Festival

In the year 2000, in Serbia, a country ravaged by war, a group of students came up with an idea that would unite all and bring peace and harmony to the broken nation – a creative initiative in the form of the EXIT festival.

The annual summer festival aims, through an eclectic programme of various musical artists and performers, to encourage not only the cultural heightening of the entire region but also the strength that comes from unity in forms of social activism and collective support of charities and ecology.

12th August 2016

Unlike any other festival, where the focus purely lies in fun and excitement, the EXIT festival brings a refreshing take on culture, as a means to connect people from all over the world who all share a fairly common trait – a deep appreciation of music. For this exact reason the festival does not focus on a single musical genre, but showcases everything from rap to soul, so that everyone can feel like they belong.

Not only is the festival unique in its approach to culture, it can also be considered one of the most beautiful festivals, as it is held at the Petrovaradin fortress, an 18th century masterpiece of architecture, intersected with underground tunnels, stairways and hidden passages, as well as vast areas of fine grass. The fortress can be seen from the banks of the river Danube, standing tall on top of the mountain called Fruška gora. The proudest monument of Novi Sad, most associate the fortress with the black and white clock tower which had come from France and is peculiar as the smaller hand shows minutes and the larger one shows hours, for the convenience of many fisherman sailing the Danube making it easier for them to tell the time.

The many stages of the festival are scattered all around the fortress, which looks ethereal under the many spotlights and fireworks.

The EXIT festival lasts for four days each summer from nightfall until the early hours of the morning. Visitors are given wristbands which many keep long after the festival ends. The experience starts days before as many foreigners arrive to Novi Sad with tents set up on the provided space at the city beach. From the arrival of the first guests the town bursts into action with day parties in clubs and pubs, performances on the town square, students milling about town promoting Serbian beer and rakija, a fruit brandy.

Come nightfall over the course of four days 200.000 people from all over the world cross the bridge towards the fortress. Upon ascending the many stairways of the fortress the festival goers have a chance to choose from over 20 stages, the main stage as well as the dance arena being the most popular ones. Walking through the sea of people of all ages, nationalities and tastes, music blaring from all directions, you feel like a part of an isolated, united world. You stand under the lights of a thousand stars, jumping well into the night, fireworks above your head, raised arms surrounding you, as the music of your favourite artists pumps through your veins. Whether you prefer dancing the night off at the dance arena, chilling or singing your heart out at the karaoke and silent stages, the Best major festival award winner will accommodate your taste.

From the fortress the party moves on to the sandy beaches of Jaz in Montenegro, where the same experience awaits you by the Adriatic sea. Therefore, pack your tent, preorder your tickets and join the EXIT adventure for the memories and friends that will last you a lifetime.